Our Mission

We exist to help families age gracefully and peacefully.

Our Vision

We want to help over 100,000 families through the challenges of aging by 2020.

Core Values

A Bit About Us

The Decision Tree of Aging Project was created to give hope and help to the millions who assist their parents through the aging process. One quickly realizes navigating the maze of health, legal and government agencies can become overwhelming. We want families to know they are not alone. The goal of our team is providing information, community and resources to honor the wishes of your loved ones while supporting those who care for them.

Meet The Team

Dr. Randall Kinnison
Dr. Randall KinnisonCEO
Dr. Randall Kinnison served as a pastor from 1978 to 2005 when he founded Genesis Mediation. His background of mental health coupled with experience of counseling couples, working with families in crisis, and serving seniors gave him a wealth of experience for his mediation practice, and now, The Decision Tree of Aging project. Since founding Genesis Mediation, he has grown the firm to serve in a number of areas and regions. While working with seniors and their families in mediation, he realized the need for information and assistance to navigate the maze of government agencies, legal documentation, and family dynamics of the aging process. Besides Genesis Mediation, Dr. Kinnison also leads Genesis Consulting with a focus on family businesses and succession. Randy is married to Sharlyne and together they have five children and four grandchildren.

B.A. in Religion and Psychology from Sioux Falls University
Master of Divinity with an emphasis in Counseling from Sioux Falls Seminary
Ph.D. work at Kansas State University in Family Systems and Therapy
Doctor of Ministry from Denver Seminary

Mark Duhrkoop
Mark DuhrkoopCo-Founder
Mark Duhrkoop has over twenty years of experience working with families at-risk or in crisis, utilizing mediation, counseling and training. With both undergraduate and graduate degrees in education and counseling; his experience has allowed him to teach internationally as well as work cross-culturally and generationally here in the states. He has had the opportunity to work in challenging settings; from the gang culture of East Los Angeles to those dealing with poverty and addiction here in the NW. After years leading and managing non-profits and programs, his experience in working with various agencies on strategy and training provides the opportunity for groups to work on communication, productivity and leadership development that move us from challenge and conflict to success.

A frequent presenter in the elder-care and Senior health-care communities, Mr. Duhrkoop is an advocate for planning and having those difficult discussions around aging and transitioning. He draws upon his own experience being one of six siblings who have dealt with the difficulties of moving to the care-giver role and preparing for end-of life decisions. An understanding of family systems and the destructive nature and process of conflict inform his approach to helping families create plans that honor the desires and needs of our loved ones.

Mark, a native of the Pacific NW, and his wife Annie, who grew up in Africa, have been married for twenty years and have two children.

Kim Christensen
Kim ChristensenCo-Founder
Kim Christensen enjoys building relationships and helping others find meaningful purpose in life. While raising her children she was able to minister to others through a variety of opportunities, including her private counseling practice. After ten years of practice, she closed that chapter of her life and completed mediation and life coach training. Kim likes to help people find compassionate resolutions to difficult situations. Life has provided her many opportunities to walk alongside others as a counselor, coach, mediator, legal guardian, mentor and friend to people of different nationalities, and all walks of life. Recently she has joined Toastmasters International and is excited to be a part of The Decision Tree of Aging project.

Kim is married to Ron, they have two daughters and look forward to spending time with their first grandchild.

BS in Civil Engineering from Oregon State University
MA in Counseling Psychology from George Fox University

Jonathan Rosing
Jonathan RosingMarketing
Jonathan is a designer, videographer and creative living in Portland, OR. Having grown up in the Portland area, he’s been blessed to be in a location where he is able to pursue his dream of being a designer. He is thankful for the many opportunities he’s had to develop and build skills related to design and creativity over the last 15 years. One of his biggest passions is storytelling through video.

Jonathan loves to travel. Most recently, He was able to visit the country of Lebanon and meet some of the amazing people there.

His goal in life is to always be learning. Something he prides himself in is the ability to pick up new skills and knowledge as it’s required for projects he is working on.

Dr. Holley Clough
Dr. Holley CloughDecision Tree Coach
Dr Holley Clough has enjoyed over 30 years working with adults going back to school to achieve life goals, make paradigm shifts in careers and attain degrees for further personal and professional advancement. Her graduate education and certification in coaching enables others to make effective change to create more peaceful lives, and live into purpose. With an undergraduate degree in management and graduate degrees in ministry and leadership her experience has allowed her to teach, administrate, develop programs and serve with non-profit boards. While working in adult education, her passion for travel and international missions increased leading to participation in a rural village development project in El Salvador. This project evolved into developing men and women into leaders in their community for future growth and stability.

Dr. Clough resonates compassion toward those facing the challenge for preparing for end-of life decisions. She and her husband lost three parents in two years, solidifying the call to support and walk alongside loved ones in a way that honors them with deep love and thanksgiving. She understands developing a medical management care team that embraces the person as a whole, ministering both to them and their families. A background in pastoral ministry and prior medical assisting experience combined with education in family systems allows her to fully hear and support at a level that makes a difference to all involved.

Holley is married to Charles. Together they have two adult sons, who are employed in the Portland area. They enjoy family outings, hiking, camping with a tear drop camper and traveling internationally.

Brea LaMar
Brea LaMarDecision Tree Coach
Brea LaMar is an Occupational Therapist with the majority of her experience working with adults of all ages. Her expertise in activities of daily living and the aging process make a great fit with the Decision Tree of Aging. Brea is passionate about helping people live a quality life and is excited to be a part of the Decision Tree of Aging team! Brea is married, has twin boys and a third child on the way.

Education: Masters of Science in Occupational Therapy
Bachelor of Science in Sports and Exercise Science